Getting Started

1 - Create a Twitter account

You will need a Twitter account to use for the bot. Something like @CryptoPunksBot. Create this account and sign into it with this browser. Set up your profile photo, bio, and profile.

2 - Set the account to be "Automated"

This lets Twitter know that this account is going to be a bot. This is a very important step, because they're less likely to flag the account if you a bunch of sales and it generates a ton of tweets. Here's how to do it:

  1. Go to your account settings
  2. Select “Your account”
  3. Select “Your account information”
  4. Select “Automation”
  5. Select “Managing account”
  6. Next, select the Twitter account, which runs your bot account
  7. Enter your password to log in
  8. Finally, you should see confirmation that the label has been applied to your account.

3 - Click the button below.

Now it's time to connect SalesBots to your Twitter account. We'll ask a couple more questions and then will immediately start tweeting sales.

Connect Twitter